Since most posts on The Musical Disconnect are written to build upon previous posts, especially the TMD 101 series, here is a Table of Contents for those of you that want to read them in order.

TMD 101
1. The Disconnect
2. The Façade
3. Let's Get Physical: The Real Price of CDs
4. The Tale of Retail
5. The Digital Domain: 1's and 0's or just zeros?
6. An Average Album
7. Omnia Vanitas: The New Gate Keepers
8. Hit the Road Jack
9. Share, But Not All Sharing is not Alike
10. The Land of the Free?
11. Peer2Peer Pressure: How to Support Your Favortie Indie Artists
12. The Takedown-Why the DMCA has failed
13. Google Announces 'Ads Free, Just Buy a Tee' Program
14. There is nothing fair about the IRFA

Keeping Up: Posts on Current Events:
Who Are They Fooling?
The Dinosaur is Dead, Long Live the Dinosaur
The Serpent's Fruit

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